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Consultancy for Organizational Development

»The constant change in the economy and society will accompany us for the next decades.
A change-capable, innovative company is the prerequisite for surviving it.«

My field of research and experience is the structural and social innovative capacity of companies. It is the prerequisite for meeting the demands of today’s working world and continuing to perform. There is no standardized path that will take you and your company into this future.

However, there is a proven approach to defining the right path for your company and its situation:

1. Understand the change factors affecting the company internally and externally.
2. Check-up of specific company competences.
3. Development of an individual roadmap.
4. Operationalization of the same.

I bring a lot of strategic experience from multinational corporations and large medium-sized companies. This gives me a deep understanding of the working world, as well as the competence to be a real sparring partner for you and your management team.

I am happy to accompany you and your team in change and development processes in order to meet the challenges they face, to develop energy together – and to have fun in the process!