Born in 1972 and raised with the two formative cultures of Germany and Sweden, Pia Struck is strongly sensitized to different values, behaviors and logics. After graduating from high school and studying business administration, she began working for a multinational Swedish company, where she was introduced to a system that made little use of the creative power of its own employees. She is strongly motivated by the recognition of this untapped potential and the underlying opportunity for change in the joint work of people.


At the age of 24, she therefore founds her first company, for which she is awarded the title of Founder Champion of the Year by the Federal Ministry of Economics. Other start-ups followed, for which she received awards from Stern and McKinsey, among others, in the start-up competition.


In 2000, however, she decides to try again within the structures of a group – her “learning field” – and hires as a senior manager and consultant to the board in the strategy department of a multinational corporation. Once again she notices how suboptimal the traditional way of corporate management is, and how little the strength and resources of employees are used to drive the company forward. In the CEO, she has a strong advocate who shares her view of the organization. She is given the opportunity to apply her know-how across the Group in so-called post-merger integration projects, in which a great deal of know-how and innovative strength is usually lost. It is also completely redesigning internal management communication in the form of dialogue events.


In 2005, after 5 instructive years, she decided again to leave the group and the opportunities it offers behind her to work as an independent management consultant based on her know-how about organisations, people and processes.

Pia Struck completed a variety of training courses in psychology, philosophy, change management, communication and systemic management. For ten years now, she has been advising entrepreneurs and corporations on the development of innovative strategies and the design of change processes, which often involve a change in corporate culture. With passion she publishes and speaks as Keynote Speakerin about the innovation strength and change need of enterprises in the today’s, by radical changes coined time. In addition, she has several teaching and training assignments, including at the University of St. Gallen (HSG), where she is a guest speaker, at Daimler AG and within the Hans Böckler Foundation.


Through her own school experience, the resulting awareness of the formative influence of school and the birth of her daughter Linnea, Pia Struck founded the “Bilinguale Montessori Schule Ingelheim” as an honorary board member, which implements the principles of learning represented in the systemic approach. The school is now a three-step, secondary school attended by 200 children and has a staff of 35.


Pia Struck lives with her husband and two children, Linnéa and Victor, on a historic vineyard in Bingen am Rhein. She loves her family in particular, but also extended hikes in the Alps, lively discussions with as many different people and opinions as possible, philo-sophical literature, yoga, the archipelago of her native Sweden and last but not least a cool glass of Riesling.