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Customer testimonials & references

»Thanks to the support of Pia Struck, I was able to implement the reorganization of my group (30 employees) very successfully. Through her astute analysis of the situation and objectives, her exceptional sense of people and her high level of professionalism and integrity, a workshop with my entire group was extremely constructive and positive. Her ability to listen and quickly understand the main concerns of my employees has made the reorganisation process extremely simple and logical for everyone. I found her refreshing openness and spontaneity very likeable, so the cooperation was a lot of fun. I can highly recommend Pia Struck as a change consultant and coach.«

Dr. Doris Riether
Leiterin MedChem, Boehringer Ingelheim

»Coaching the Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT) Management Team Journey Pia Struck showed her expertise in providing orientation and accompanying management and leadership development. She facilitated the further refinement of our LAT team culture, increasing the mutual understanding of our individual roles in the matrix organization and thus sharpening the definition of our common goals.
Our LAT team benefitted from Pia Struck´s capacity to seamlessly and swiftly change her methodic according our needs, without really sensing it. This guaranteed a timely and efficient result for our team, in future being able to face the challenges of multi-location, functional teams with complex decision paths and different matrix roles of the team members. And all of this with prime focus on our customers!«

Hansola Hansson
CEO Lufthansa Airlines Hub München

»I have been working with Pia Struck for a long time as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry. Her holistic view of the interdependencies of strategy, structure and culture in organizations and her ability to use them for sustainable change support me very much in achieving my goals. I will continue to exchange ideas with her in the future as a change consultant and development companion and can only recommend this to everyone.«

Andreas Emmerich
Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH & Co. KG

»Pia Struck personally coached me as director of the Institute of Economic and Social Sciences and accompanied the reorganization of the institute with 40 employees. It was the mixture of high empathy, respectful interaction and sensitivity, refreshing openness and unerring analysis that I particularly appreciate. The systemic approach, which analyses every member as part of a system and finds a place for everyone where they can develop and at the same time serve the organisation, appealed to me very much. We will continue to let the systemic eye of Pia Struck look at us in the future.«

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Unger
Director of WSI

»Boehringer Ingelheim has been working with Pia Struck for many years, primarily as part of major change processes. Her sense of complex relationships and structures is always fascinating and our managers benefit enormously. She connects the groups involved in the processes with great professionalism and convinces them with her entrepreneurial thinking. Pia Struck always manages to work in tailor-made concepts and to reflect unconscious processes in an understandable way. In the areas of corporate culture and leadership, she impresses with her ability to ensure transparency and to integrate this into the practical implementation of change processes. Personally, I particularly appreciate her value orientation and humanity. I can only recommend them and look forward to continuing their successful cooperation.«

Jördis Friederike Geisler
Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH & Co., Dept. of Organisational Development

»Pia Struck accompanied me (and the project team) with a lot of empathy during the difficult phases of the reorganization project. The conversations and discussions with her, in which I was able to analyse and reflect on situations and circumstances, opened up perspectives and solutions for me. The complexity of the reorganization project became manageable and logical and comprehensible ways were found. Even today, after implementing the reorganization, I still benefit from the concepts and models that I developed with it.
ith her likeable nature, she quickly became an accepted member of the team. The cooperation was not only successful, but also a lot of fun.«

Petra Bergweiler
Lufthansa AG, Head of Air Operations

»Pia Struck gave a very clear and open speach, which was a stroke of luck for the organizer and the absolute highlight of the event for me. Her authentic appearance, the absolutely free presentation, the minimalist slide set presented content and statement in their radicality and uniqueness in the best possible way and fully confirmed me in my convictions won in the last two years.«

Andreas Ponto 
Evangelischer Oberkirchenrat Stuttgart

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